We are experts in installing POSM

17,000 pallets, 10,000 racks, 7,200 baskets, 7,000 fronts, 7,000 racks.

This is a total of 48,200 extra placements, which in 2019 were built by our merchandisers together in the Czech and Slovak Republics.


At Sales House, we place special emphasis on setting up an effective team of well-motivated and loyal merchandisers. The role of merchandisers is growing, it is an important part of the sales team. The advantage is their frequent availability in stores, knowledge of local conditions and good relations.

In the video you can see the merchandiser of our regional supervisor Jana Veselovská, Radek Jankowski, who composes a stand for one of our clients Palírna u Zeleného stromu a.s.

Our team can also be your team.

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