Jan Becher Merchandising

Since October 1 Sales House starts cooperation with JBKB Company, Becherovka. We take care of merchandising of all Modern Trade in Czech Republic. Becherovka as a traditional producer and distributor of an alcoholic beverages insist on service quality and that’s why we are proud that we can be part of their customer service.


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I remember promotions only as the best! I learned how to attract people's attention, how to show them that I was just trying to help them.
08.04.2020 | Blog
Restrictions on Easter in SK
Restriction will start at 0:00 am on Wednesday, 8 April, ending at 23:59 on Monday, 13 April.
07.04.2020 | Blog
In managing multiple teams, proper information management appears to be a crucial moment for the success of the entire process.
04.04.2020 | Blog