SALES HOUSE became the winner of the tender held by ING Bank

Prague, 17 October 2013: Czech-Slovak sales promotion agency Sales House Ltd. became the winner of the tender held by ING Bank N.V. to promote sales of its flagship product: savings account "ING account". Specially trained teams of consultants in Bohemia and Moravia are going to visit 23 business and shopping centers and actively introduce various benefits of the product with the subsequent acquisition target. ING ACCOUNT ROADSHOW begins on Thursday 17th October and ends before Christmas this year.

"The aim of the roadshow is to actively get closer to our potential customers and introduce them savings account ING Account as an established product with more than ten years of tradition and as the proper way to appreciate their finances. Professionally trained teams will reach passers-by in shopping malls and give basic benefits of savings account ING Account - an advantageous interest rate, no fees and money available at any time without having to change bank. In the promo stands clients will have the option to sign a contract plus get a gift." says Jindra Hoblerová, Product Marketing Specialist at ING Bank.



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