JTI Sales Analysis

Part of the 1-2-1 project for JTI SK, we collect a wide range of terrestrial and end-user data through an internal team of stable hostesses.
Our Sales House agency then analyzes and prepares a dynamic online overview of the development of the individual parameters according to the wishes of the client: details of sales, sales quality evaluation and performance of individual promoters, SALES HOUSE BIGDATA for the client available 24 hours a day at


Client: JTI

Timing: 2017

Category: Audit

Location: SK


References from this category

Analysis and development of numerical distribution for product categories
We analyze the dynamic distribution of SALES HOUSE BIG DATA on a numerical distribution separately for categories and products.

Category: Audit

Date: 01.01.2018

Client: Emco

Analysis and development of promotions
For Masxport CR and SR we monitor and analyze in the dynamic dynamic online report BIG DATA.

Category: Audit

Date: 01.02.2017

Client: Maxsport