Promotion & Event Marketing

SALES HOUSE is well aware of the sales pressure that a customer is exposed to and therefore creates a unique space to attract attention and influence buying behavior by appropriate combination of BTL activities. Our face to face programes designed to deliver the right information, economic motivation or to raise awareness introduce the product efficiently to the target audience. 


Consumer promotion

Sales promotion – In store/Out door promotion, Demos, Sampling, Active sales, Door to Door promotion

Event marketing

Launch event, Teambuilding, Dealers meeting, Conference, Road show

Motivation programes

Bonus program, Loyalty program, Consumer competition, Loyalty club

Other services

Telemarketing, Direct marketing

Merchandising & Sales Outsourcing

SALES HOUSE lets you handle your work - sales. You can remain flexible and measure the efficiency of your investment into sales infrastructure at the same time. 

SALES HOUSE tailored solutions will quickly let you set up your customized sales team.



FMCG product presentation and replenishment at point of sales, Visual Merchandising


Outsourcing  of sales activities in Modern market

Sales structure set up and management


Outsourcing of sales activities in Traditional market

Solutions tailored to traditional market


Short term/long term sales structure leasing

Direct selling, Van selling


Warehouse management and P.O.S.M. logistics

CZ/SK coverage with regional representatives



SALES HOUSE understands the collection of data as a feedback from the consumer to the producer.
SALES HOUSE develops on-line tailor-made applications to maximize efficiency and performance in the field. At the same time, it speeds up the flow of information and guarantees the timeliness and accuracy of the execution.
SALES HOUSE uses internal online tools for process management.


Market monitoring

Retail share, Assortment share, Sub-share exposure, Price monitoring, Verification of adherence to action prices, Lack of goods, Follow-up of stocks, Installation of POS and POP materials, Product expiration, Competitive activities, Data collection with Photodocumentation


Audit of employees

Business / Employee Monitoring, Mystery Shopper, Specialized Audit - HORECA Audit, At Work Audit, Smart Teams


ONLINE outputs and work control

Saleshouse Academy

SALES HOUSE offers training courses by own lecturers who have real experience in practice.


The most popular

Effective communication, Art of convincing, Effective use of time


Enhanced offer

Art of Negotiating, Basic Management Tools, Advanced Management Tools, Why Leaders Fail, Presentation Skills, Financial Literacy

Warehousing and logistics

SALES HOUSE will provide you with professional logistics services and care for your goods and POS material.

Comprehensive range

Storage of goods / POS, Food storage, Customs services, International and domestic transport, Full house logistics solution

Sales App

SALES HOUSE offers its own online application for managing activities in the Modern and Traditional markets


for field marketing activities

We understand the processes and activities in the Modern and Traditional Market and we are creating an application that will make life easier for you. Promotion, tasting, auditing, data collection, merchandising, sales agent agendas, and many other agendas and processes are included in one system for effective communication to all users.

Sales House stands on stable base

made by our people with long-term experiences

in BTL communication.


Selected references

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