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In recent years, it has been a matter of course for us that our business meetings with clients or colleagues took place at least 90% face to face. It was not different in the case of mass trainings, which are an integral part of every project for the sales promotion agency. No one expected that a situation could ever arise during which this would not be possible. Despite the fact that we believe that we will return to a personal meeting soon, we had to react and adapt to the situation. The Covid 19 virus pandemic has in many cases forced us to improvise and look for new ways of communication that will help us ensure contact with clients and colleagues. We have adapted and now we have completed several training sessions with a few, tens or hundreds of participants.


In which cases is it best to use online training


Online training can be used whenever necessary and for any reason, whether it is government measures that prevent a large number of people from meeting, health reasons of one of the participants that do not allow him to physically attend the training or long distances between participants. It often happens that we communicate with partners from abroad or with promoters from different parts of the country. Last but not least, it can be a way of training where we need to save costs as much as possible.


What you need to think about when implementing online training


Quality connection and transmission are most important to ensure a smooth online training. This also leads to a result in the selection of a suitable platform. It needs to meet the ease of registration for participants, so that they do not have to register for a long time and also to work in all Internet browsers. Setting rules during training also plays an important role. For example, whether participants will have both the camera and the microphone turned off or the camera on, which is, of course, up to each training organizer. It is also necessary to think about the time schedule of individual parts of the training, including planned breaks. It is very important to give participants the opportunity to ask anything, whether during the designated time or at any time during the training. The advantage of online training is that it can be uploaded and the recording will serve as a study material for participants who could not attend the training.

What control mechanisms do we use to ensure the effectiveness of online training


Training participants (hostesses, promoters, merchandisers, employees or anyone else) must register with their name, surname and email address. These three factors will help us to better register participants. The main control mechanism is the verification of knowledge through the Sales Academy online, which allows you to complete a quiz, according to which we will find out what knowledge the training participants took away. Sales Academy online also allows training participants to play a record that cannot be skipped, but only paused while watching. The quiz can be displayed after every section or at the end. Our quiz can be set up by defining in advance what percentage the training must achieve in the test in order to be considered completed. While watching the training record, participants can write us any questions and we will answer them within two days, or even earlier.


What projects have we used them for so far?


We tested our experience with online training in projects for clients such as Oral B, Oral B and Braun On-line Ambassador for Alza and P&G merchandising.

Benefits and reasons for online training in a nutshell


Online training can be implemented basically anywhere where an internet connection is available
Online training is one of the most effective ways of education
If the participant is unable to complete the training at the given time, he / she can start the training from the record
cost savings
saving time (participants do not have to waste time with the travelling on the to training)
unrestricted access to training materials
timeliness of information
the ability to ask questions during or after the presentation
knowledge verification through Sales Academy is of course online

Online training can be used in the case of:

Covid pandemic
big distances
cost savings
inability to find a suitable place for training

There are no limits to imagination and we can prepare the training according to your ideas and conditions. If you are interested in training with Sales Academy online or have further questions, we will be happy if you contact us.


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