Online tweaks that make our work easier

Online tweaks that make our work easier

Unfortunately for the younger years in the last century, we did a lot of office work manually. And it really took a while for you to finish your job with these equipments. It was typed on typewriters, telephoned by landline, counted on a calculator with paper tape, and instead of faxes that arrived later, messages were sent by telex, so it was an experience.

The great revolution was the electric typewriters, the first mobile phones and fax machines. Miracles that fascinated everyone and accelerated work. It was real progress, but the biggest and unstoppable progress has been made by computers along with the Internet. Computers were also being developed, first large "boxes" with the monitor that occupied half of the desk were replaced with small, compact, and portable laptops.

The internet? Connection with the whole world was the number one attraction. Do you remember the times when the Internet was connected via a telephone line and it made such an annoying trailing sound? The connection speed was, well let's say slower. In the same time that you managed to send one email, today you would have a whole pile of them.

Important is also to mention the fact that the internet started to be available in our phones and tablets. A boom of various applications has started. Sometimes we are thinking how it is possible to work like this, but in that time these technologies were modern gadgets of that time and also the only things we knew. Today, technology is an integral part of our lives and, of course, of work. There are many technical conveniences that make our lives easier.

Permanent monitoring of trends and advances in the IT field helps companies to differentiate themselves from the competition and offer clients and employees quality and efficient service. By using them, we can offer clients various views of data that are important for business activities, simplified communication between the agency and people in the field, effective and fast solution of problems and the prevention of mistakes at work to a minimum.
We would like to introduce you to the online gadgets that we at Sales House are proud of and that make our working lives easier.


Communication with people in the field

Phone contact is still used in present, but it may not be the fastest way to pass information to a large number of people. Therefore, we try to use new and more effective forms of communication between the agency, the client and employees in the field.

In our CRM system Salesapp is continuously publishing all information about current situations that affect individual projects. In this way, we can ensure that every worker in the field has the necessary information in the place and at the time when he needs it and can even respond to it.

Each visit of our merchandisers includes filling the required data at the point of sale and supplementing the current photo. We are aware that the client needs information from the field as soon as possible, and therefore can respond to the work of the merchandiser in real time.

The client has the opportunity to comment on each piece of information and supplement it with information necessary to improve the service for the next visit. Merchandiser is immediately aware of the information and has the opportunity to respond to the situation and inform about the current status of the client.

The client also has the necessary data about the current state of the store available in the Tibco reporting tool, which clearly displays operations with the correct or missing exposure on the map. The client has a very fast and up-to-date overview.

Access to data is much easier than in the past, and new technologies give us the opportunity to look at them from different angles and clearly display the current status using graphs, tables and other views. Thanks to the connection between Salesapp and the Tibco reporting system, we can effectively monitor the results in the store, in the region, at individual merchandisers or promoters.


Tourplan of the present

Over time, the development of information technology also simplifies work with the tourplan. Our employees no longer have to carry printed papers with a tourplan, but they can find all the information on their smartphone, tablet or computer. For a week or a month in advance, SalesApp has planned its work activities with the name of the serviced operation, the length of the visit together with the documents needed for each project.

Thanks to the use of GPS, we enter the exact location of the operation into their tourplan and people in the field no longer have to search for the location of their service, but can use the coordinates of the operation. We also use the work with GPS in the opposite way to find out whether our merchandiser or promoter is in the right place by confirming their location in the operation or confirming the information about the beginning of the visit and the uploaded photo from the place. We want to provide the client with above-standard service and the certainty that everyone is in the right place.

Team training

Because we want to be progressive and at the same time save the client time and money, we have also added the online Sales Academy to the offer of our services. The participants will connect online and the necessary information is presented via a shared screen. We know from experience that during promotions there are also unexpected situations where it is necessary to represent an already trained hostess or merchandiser, and therefore we record our trainings.

The video recording is an advantage for a new reinforcement in the team, so no one will miss any important information. In the case of a trained team, it is possible to constantly return to the information and remember it. In addition to recording, our Sales Academy also offers team training with a quiz, either directly during the training or after everyone has studied

Each project is unique and has different specifications, which lead to the individual setting of the quiz, the conditions for its fulfillment and the result of a professionally trained team. After completing the quiz, each participant will receive a certificate of completion. The way of online training through quizzes helps our team to learn a lot of new information faster and the quiz can be repeated until the participant achieves the set number of points for completing.

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