Naturaly dark Zlatý Bažant 0,00%

A unique dark 0.0% Radler was created - completely alcohol free. The full flavor of soft dark beer and freshness of the lemon creates a unique refreshing taste that can be enjoyed by the customer at any occasion. It is made from 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives and artificial dyes. This is the freshest News from Heineken for every occasion :)


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New cooperation with Kärcher
11.06.2021 | News
Since 1.6. with Nespresso
In April we succeeded in a tender for Nespresso with a project of Nespresso ambassadors.  
05.05.2021 | News
retrix house: who we are and why did we come?
"This year, at the time of the lockdown, RETRIX HOUSE, the 3 pillars of our Sales House Group, was born. I had the honor of interviewing its members."
29.04.2021 | News