retrix house: who we are and why did we come?

Hello! How are you doing?

We're doing pretty well. We look forward to new challenges and people we will meet. We are ready for anything (laughs).


First of all, could you tell us what Retrix House is?

Retrix House is a modern technology platform with added value. We bring comprehensive IT solutions for retail activities and effective tools for managing business processes directly from the market. Our motto is DON'T BE BUSY - BE EFFICIENT and we want to bring exactly such solutions to our clients.

We are a member of the SALES HOUSE GROUP, which has been setting trends in sales promotion for more than 27 years. We are behind the creation of a unique data expertise, which draws on the synergy of our three main pillars SALES - PROMO - DATA.


These are bold statements. Why do you think you can do it?

We can do all this thanks to the operation of our own CRM system in combination with the use of modern BI tools. We have extensive experience in projects for clients from the entire spectrum of retail and thanks to that we have an advantage.

We understand how the local market is organised and at the same time we have an international know how.

Thanks to this, we can adapt to any assignment and we can flexibly respond to requirements of all kinds. The result is a comprehensive, tailor-made solution.


Does Retrix House have any vision?

We would like to be the supplier no.1 in Sales, Promotion and Data in the Czech and Slovak retail market. We do our best to help to our clients to understand their data as much as possible and help them to become  a winners. 


Sounds great. How did it all start? When did you get the idea that it might work?

Retrix House was founded in 2013 as an group of IT experts in SALES HOUSE, which worked on the development of own CRM system. The one called SalesApp still works successfully.

We are based on almost thirty years of experience with the Czech and Slovak markets, especially in the field of retail, retail networks, merchandising, promotional activities, audits, management of sales representatives and related processes. Thanks to this, we consider ourselves a reliable partner in the field of retail.


Who is Retrix House? Who are we with the honor of?

The main members of the team are David Kalus CEO & CIO, Jan Janyš CEO & CTO and Juraj Fábry Strategy Director CZ&SK.


Who are these people?

David Kalus has 13 years of experience in IT. He will process any technical project for you and help you with its setup and complexity so that it fits perfectly into your CRM system.

For David, data, technology and innovation are a passion. He says that he happy for every project he has worked on and helped him to move a little bit further. He is enthusiastic about the development of technologies. He likes to come up with new solutions and is very happy that his work simplifies the business to the others.


Jan or Honza Janyš has been working in the IT department for 11 years. He enjoys the diversity of his work and all the  challenges from colleagues and clients. According to him, they are the ones who move him professionally further and thanks to them he can apply his experience in long-term projects.

Thanks to the gradual progression from the position of assistant, through the project manager in the Sales department, to the position of data analyst, Honza has a unique view of data and thanks to this he can thoroughly advise on their data or analysis through our CRM system and BI tools.


Juraj Fábry has been working in retail since 1996. He gained his first experience with IT while studying Basic and Pascale. Everything he does is constantly trying to simplify processes. He especially enjoys strategy and new technologies that he implements into the functioning of teams. He claims that he likes to accept new challenges and seeks answers to unanswered questions.


The Retrix House team is complemented by Zuzana Čelková and David Čisár from the position of IT managers.


It looks like this group of people will understand each other. Do you have a mission that unites you all? 

We want to be your "HUMAN & SMART" innovator in the field of working with human resources and brand building. Our ambition is to bring you - all we do - a positive experience in the form of an expert approach and a good relationship based on humanity.


Do you want to add anything else at the end?

We are grateful and excited to have the opportunity to come to market with our many years of experience and new ideas. We value the trust that our clients place in us and we believe that every cooperation will create strong relationships based on professionalism and satisfaction. We thank you!


Author of the interview with the Retrix House team: Monika Hrdličková

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