Sales House Group’s 3 pillars of progress

Sales House Group’s 3 pillars of progress


In climbing, maintaining three points of contact is the basis for overcoming even the most demanding challenges.


Sales House also stands on three pillars which have shaped for more than 25 years of its existence and form a stable triangle for comprehensive solutions on the Czech and Slovak field marketing segments.


Four years after the Velvet Revolution, SH entered the recently freed market to meet the needs of retailers in their effort to approach and attract new consumers who were hungry for new products and services. After 40 years of a relatively limited supply, the Czechoslovak market was flooded with an enormous amount of goods from the west. Colourful packaging, trends and tech gadgets, as well as daily-use products were suddenly available everywhere and in sufficient quantities.


This was the trigger for marketing tools which gradually entered our everyday lives and the consumer was the one who made choices and decided on the success of a brand.


Even today, direct contact with customers and the possibility to test and taste products are very strong marketing mix tools. In many cases, this is the reason why a brand skyrockets and becomes popular with a wider audience.


Field marketing performed by our agency is all about processes and creativity. It’s about the way we transfer experience to the consumer, about their personal experience with a brand and the brand’s accessibility. We use many SALES - PROMO service tools to achieve that.


Developments and innovations, new technologies, the internet and online world, mobile communication, digitized information and e-commerce significantly affect consumers in their consumption and purchase decisions. If it’s not on the web, it doesn’t exist – this has been true for years. Consumers have access to plenty of information, analyses, statistics and user reviews just one click away and they make the purchase well-prepared.


We have gradually been transferring SALES - PROMO offline processes into a digital form for the last 15 years. Paper and fax have been replaced by smartphones and omnipresent connectivity. The times have accelerated and brought new services and entirely new segments.


Our inhouse CRM Salesapp which we have developed ourselves fully copies all projects and service types provided by our agency. Complex user structure along with relations create a basis for higher efficiency and speed of our solutions. We have transferred offline know-how into the digital world and thus created a unique solution, a single ecosystem of a complex field marketing world.


Today, it is no longer true that retail will change with e-commerce, it has already changed. And this is why RETRIX House was created. It has evolved as a self-confident and well-developed third pillar of Sales House SALES-PROMO agency.


"We will continue to see a convergence of the physical and digital world. Those who conquer this trend will be market leaders," said John Phillips, Senior Vice President Supply Chain & Logistics at PepsiCo.


According to a survey, 65% of consumers expect that they will use digital shopping channels more frequently in the future. Almost 72% 16- to 24-year-olds said that they would increase their digital online expenses. GenZ by 2021 – it is expected that they will dominate almost 40% of all consumer purchases.*1


THE CONSUMER JOURNEY IS NOT LINEAR. Consumers may purchase a product anywhere where it is most beneficial for them.


Retrix House is the youngest platform which formally established only very recently, however, it is clear that its place within the group is at least as important as the place of traditional SALES and PROMO pillars.


RETRIX offers comprehensive IT solutions and efficient tools for business process management on the retail market. It leverages data to help brands win on the market. 


*1 Source: The Future Shopper Report 2020 WPP COMMERCE| April 2020

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