Sales House won the tender for the promotion of brands Camel, Winston, B&H for JTI

Bratislava, 04.13.2015: Czech-Slovak sales promotion agency became the exclusive partner of JTI to prepare 1-2-1 promotion activities in the Slovak Republic.

The Specially trained and stable team of Sales House will conduct promotion activities and proceed to a monthly visit of hundreds of stores across Slovakia.

During the tender, the Agency offered an “end to end solution", proposed a scenario conversation between a hostess and a consumer as well as mechanics of promotion. The Agency also presented an online system for the collection and evaluation of data from the field and a creative design of promotional clothing and equipment for the hostess.

"The aim of the project is to build long-term loyalty to our brands, and introduce our quality products to consumers of competitive brands. At the same time, 1-2-1 activities also support and encourage our relationships with business partners and retailers." Says Robert Somogyi, Portfolio Strategy & Brand Manager at JTI Slovak Republic, sro


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