Retailers keep the numbers of sales promotion still rather low. Discounts are leading.

The czeho-slovak sales promotion agency Sales house s.r.o. continues monitoring the promotion activities of chosen retail chains and the occurrence of action prices in the referential consumer basket. After the January survey,  the market showed a much scarcer amount of promotional activities in comparison to the pre-christmas period. The results from the first half of March indicate this as well.  The number of promotions further drops. Discounts however can be much fiercer.  In Czech as well as Slovak this is indicated for example on Nescafe Gold 200 g, where the average discount for both countries was somewhere around 53%. In the number of the most discount on the watched products, Globus with almost 21% was leading in CZ while Kaufland was leading with 22% in SK. For the third time in a row you will buy the reference basket cheapest in Globus (CZ). In Slovakia Kaufland and Tesco share the first place in this time period.


Juray Fábry, Sales House s.r.o. CEO commented the result this way:  “In general our data indicate that retail chains are more and more careful with promotions. This can be caused by restrictions either by the retail chains or even by the suppliers, who are trying to maintain standard prices after the recent VAT changes. However once the product is in action, you can reach a much better discount. This can be seen for example at Nescafe Gold 200 g  or at Hera 250 g in both countries.” 


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