We are a supplier with an A + rating

Over the years, the number of projects we implement together has grown and currently we can say that JTI uses a large part of the services we offer.
During the period of cooperation, we had several challenges ahead of us, which we managed to overcome and thanks to them we took our skills and possibilities to the next level. Cooperation with JTI has taught us a lot and we appreciate the trust this giant has placed in us. We are constantly working to improve our service and strive to innovate.
During this period, JTI performed the evaluation of its suppliers for the period 10/2019 - 10/2020 and our company received the highest awards. Several criteria were evaluated, which look at cooperation from several rational points of view and together form the overall impression of our cooperation.

Our company achieved almost the full number of points in the evaluation, which put us in the A + category! This award means a lot to us and is the right positive motivation to throw ourselves into work with even more enthusiasm and bring ever better results. We believe that our cooperation will last for many more years and the satisfaction of our client will remain at a high level.

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